William "Will" Ferri (b. April 25, 1996) is an American musician, and the drummer for the band, Against The Current.

Early LifeEdit

Ferri was born in the U.S. on April 25, 1996. While it has not been confirmed where he was born, his hometown is Lagrangeville, New York. He has an older brother named Mike, who is Against The Current's analog manager and the bassist for the band 'We Are The In Crowd'. He also has two sisters, Rebecca and Emilie. He graduated from Arlington High School in 2014.



He met Dan Gow in third grade, later they formed a band with will and dan as a guitarist, this was before Against the Current. In 2011, Ferri and Dan Gow met Chrissy Costanza through a mutual friend, and the trio formed the band, Against The Current.


  • He is a Taurus
  • He is the youngest member of Against The Current
  • He loves Taco Bell and Chick Fil'A
  • He can play at least 3 instruments in the same time